Get to what matters.

We help companies and business teams around the world, leverage data, identify new opportunities, create new value, and develop a customer first foundation for future growth.


 Customer First 

Today we’re helping to build new growth businesses through a combination of technology, information, strategy, agile performance, and the unleashing and leveraging of of human creativity.

We help our clients satisfy performance metrics, elevate the internal dialogue, capture, manage, and use information in better ways, foster high quality idea and decision making, and create meaningful new value for customers.

We are agile “long-termists” focused on future vision, but able to introduce valuable short-term ideas and rapidly adapt existing plans.

We’ve performed hundreds of advisory projects with strong outcomes, consistently high ROIs for our clients, and payback periods typically measured in months.


Think of your company as a value creation engine for customers.



FPG is a data analytics and strategic advisory group. We’ve been hired by some of the finest companies, from venture backed startups to enterprise organizations, to help them reach their objectives and identify their “WHY” in dynamically evolving environments and a connected world.

Our focus is on leveraging the power of data and neuro-data science, to connect customer higher value needs and new value creation to agile and informed business performance.

We get and prioritize the data that’s most critical to the business.

We have a solid global track record for identifying compelling opportunities and developing innovative ways to capture them.

We’ve achieved up to 10 percent sales and customer base growth for our clients, up to 7 percent higher return on sales, a margin uplift of 1 to 2 percent, and increased revenues by 24 percent.

As a result of our broad experience, intellectual depth and efficiency, we’re less expensive, more thorough, and of a quality unmatched by others in our category.

We shift the focus to the creation of deeply meaningful and unique customer experiences with an explicit link to value for our clients business.


Information. Human Creativity. Idea Making. Customer Experience.

Our objectives are centered on leveraging information and human creativity to build a foundation for sustained growth and move our clients into the future, particularly as it relates to five key areas of performance:

1. Developing a data strategy to improve and inform decision making, support ideation and innovation, optimize business processes, and translate the outcomes into business strategy and a roadmap for the future. We prioritize and focus comprehensive efforts around the data that is most critical to the business, enabling people in marketing and product ownership positions to view and leverage high quality data in the context of their specific responsibilities, their customers, and their place in the market. 

2. Fueling human creativity, fostering idea-making, and freeing up people to move beyond conventional practices, explore what’s possible and ask  “What if?”.

3. Establishing a practice for continuous creation of new customer value beyond the commodity product and service to the development of unique and deeply engaging customer experiences (CX). Essentially viewing the business as a value creation engine for customers.

4. Simplifying processes and eliminating irrelevant complexity and inputs that needlessly deplete human and economic resources, slows responsiveness, and muddies decision making.  The priority is to enable people to focus on what matters most in the context of achieving the desired outcomes.    <  = >   

5. Identifying a realistic desired state with an explicit link to value for the business, and developing a data informed roadmap to achieve it.   

We work with people who want to explore what’s possible and with companies where we can have a significant impact.

Get to what will drive new value for customers and the business.

When we deliver the right data and focus on what matters to customers, business teams get clear on the key drivers of growth, people make better decisions with better information, they engage more deeply, execute with greater confidence, and they outperform.

We don’t replicate from existing solutions, we question them.

We don’t buy into conventional thinking, we challenge it.

We push our clients outside their comfort zone and move them to outperform.



Roadmap Development Path


Detailed . Factually Accurate . Concrete Recommendations

HUMAN is a collaborative workshop void of irrelevant complexity, driven by experience, intellect, and creative diversity, that moves across a discipline scale from data to execution.

Every activity in the roadmap is broken down by team objective, which is further broken down into individual projects, which in turn are broken down into individual business and customer value sets. 



Data delivers key insights and confirms the need for change.


Fundamental truths from data that form the basis for ideation are tapped.


Objectives at marketing group level and baseline requirements are established.



 Frame . Baseline . Forecast . Search


Choose . Refine . Commit . Measure

 Team Process

Our team process is broken down into five areas.

1. Data that grounds and informs decisions

2. A set of guidelines for making decisions

3. Clear Accountability

4. A lightweight, transparent, comprehensive roadmap

5. A culture defined by challenging, questioning, and goal setting 


We produce the most meaningful value for customers while maintaining the most efficient spend of our client’s human and economic resources.

Roadmap Development Sources


Our roadmap draws insight from three primary sources.

1. Things we believe in based on our experience and opinion other than research. This includes trends we see and ideas we have.

2. Qualitative data that allows for rich, free expression. We have three sources of qualitative feedback:

• Solicited feedback from customers including research studies and conversations with customers. 

• Unsolicited feedback from customers that comes in via Intercom or alternative channels. 

• Feedback from sales/CFP conversations. Sales teams share insight, points of view on markets and customers, and current state processes, misalignments, challenges, and opportunities. Our roadmaps are reviewed by key sales and product leadership to ensure we’re removing barriers and gaining ownership and buy-in from key individuals.

3. Quantitative data based on descriptive and correlational studies, and data derived from measuring performance metrics from two sources: 

• The success metrics defined in every project.

• Product and team level success metrics.

Getting to what matters in markets and to customers is critically important if you want their attention. 

Think of it this way.

We now live in an information-rich world, dominating and making scarce the attention of people this overabundance of information consumes every minute of every day. 

Attention is the new currency of business, and businesses are dominated by the race to win it.

The need to understand through data what’s on the minds of people has never been more important. 

The winners are those who are better at it.

If you’re going to interrupt people, if you want their attention, you have to tell them in a way that’s deeply informed by and connected to what they really care about.

Faster.   Simpler.   Life-Saving.   Game-Changing.

“Your life will be better because of this.”

Our Promise


Our work is supported by a sound business case.

We achieve desired outcomes in revenue-generating areas of the business.

Our programs self-fund by delivering meaningful top-line growth typically within 6 to 12 months.

We support results tiered compensation.

We mitigate client risk by guaranteeing our performance.

We will not engage unless we feel we can produce tangible results worth several multiples of our fees.

Our economic engine is deeply satisfied clients.

We guarantee our performance.

By guaranteeing our performance, we hold ourselves accountable to consistently deliver against objectives and ensure that our clients receive what they expect on each engagement every time.

Accountability is a business imperative.


Superior customer experience and value creation is the game changer.


We believe superior value creation, deeply engaging customer experience, and market advantage comes from the collective power of:

        Truth In Data        Informed Strategy  


Brand                      Culture  


Innovation             Identity


Fact-based informed decisions require key insights that come from data.

But data are layered with irrelevant noise that complicates decision making.

The more these layers are piled into thought processes the more you introduce potential failure paths.

We eliminate the layers to reach a higher level of clarity and exactness.

As exactness increases, fundamental truths and understanding how people think, feel, do and ‘why’ emerge, and the level of improvements in decision-making increase significantly.

The result is strategy and experiences that become deeply aligned with reality, true customer values, and the single most important metric  What customers really care about.

Informed strategy that beats the market

From data to decisive knowledge.
As exactness increases, the level of improvements in decision-making increases.


The only way to compete is strategically.

Yet a majority of executives surveyed said their companies are creating substandard strategies that cannot beat the market. It doesn’t surprise us.

Most companies look at the customer through the mind of the business. We look at the business through the mind of the customer.

The key is to start with the customer experience, understand what’s meaningful and valuable, and innovate strategically back to the business, product or service.

Why does the world need this?

What’s going to change in a person’s life if they have this?

What’s uniquely meaningful about this?

How will a company become better if they have this?

But there has to be substance behind the answers.

When that happens, strategy is born from high levels of exactness, value creation aligns with customers, brand loyalty increases, and growth becomes a natural output.


It’s a powerful tool that’s often under-leveraged.

It’s about why a company exists, its purpose, and how that fits into the lives of people.

What public stances do they take?  What values do they demonstrate in the market?

People don’t have relationships with functional products and transactional services; they’re void of emotional content. People have relationships with and are loyal to brands.

We all look for and find assurance in brands. We’ll even pay more if it reflects our values, delivers meaningful experiences, and supports a social cause. And we’ll stay loyal to it if it keeps its promise.

It tips the scales. And when we show our clients how to leverage it, it becomes their single most powerful and controllable message.

Brand loyalty is the trump card.


The value of a brand and a company is directly tied to their cultural imprint. 

Aligning a company’s most important asset — people — under a belief and compelling cause is integral to the strategic dialogue.

They need to be able to get beyond the “What” and “How” and get to…


When they can, they change the internal dynamic and make stronger connections with customers looking for meaningful experiences and solutions to new normal challenges.

Ideas come from people.

Studies have continuously shown that people in most companies want to participate deeply but have to be clear on where they’re heading, why, and become unleashed and empowered to get there.

When they are, they’re deeply engaged, more passionate, and more innovative. They feel set up to succeed.

And that creates a powerful competitive advantage.


It’s about the continuous creation of new customer value.

It begins when we look at a problem from a completely new angle.

It becomes real when we help our clients create a culture that supports innovation and unleashes human creativity.

It’s necessary because..

Value erodes. New value eventually becomes old value.

Rapid disruption is today’s norm.

Companies must continuously match or even create market change, or they’ll lose ground.

Complacency and losing ground are not options.

Perfecting the known is not a path toward success – advantage and wealth are gained from creating new value.


Identity is the visual and written expression of a company and its strategy.

It organizes individual messages under a singular well-articulated platform to support a single compelling message. It is visual experiential value.

Humans process intellectually and emotionally through an order of cognition. We read visuals first. We read words second. Effective identity makes a lasting impression through a consistent and repetitive use of sight and word.

It speaks volumes about what a company is and what it thinks of itself.

It’s the first impression — either lasting or fleeting.

And in many cases, it accounts for a consumer’s decision to choose one brand, one product, one service over another.


Click on image to Enlarge

The rules of the game have changed.

There are more than 4 Billion* people with smartphones. In their hands, they have access to most of the world’s knowledge and all of the information they need to become informed, make the right decision, and get exactly what they want when they want it.

And they can do it while walking their dogs or sitting in Starbucks.

In other words, we live in an information-rich world and that information is being accessed by Billions of people who have the skills necessary for using it.

*Expected to increase to 6 Billion people by 2020.

There are two key takeaways:

  1. The need to understand through data what’s on the minds of people and use that insight to develop strategies, create unique value, and design new experiences that will get and keep the attention of the people who are most valuable, has never been more important. It’s the most important competition, and businesses are dominated by the race to win it.
  2.  If your brand isn’t dialed in to what people really care about, they’ll easily find one that is.

Unless you have it dialed in we should talk.


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We’re always glad to meet over early morning coffee, share knowledge, network, connect you to smart people, and offer our point of view.



Our Values And How We Work


Our responsibility is to serve the needs of our clients.

We’re accountable. We guarantee our performance and will not engage unless we feel we can produce tangible results worth several multiples of our fees. We measure the results of our work by its impact on our client’s top line and market performance.

We focus on data, analytics, strategy and significantly improving organizational strength, focus, and capabilities.

We believe that rigorous, truth-based analysis is the sole identifier of what’s real and of what’s possible. Getting to what matters, not muddy data or blind agreement, will reveal the best solution and lead to a decisive position.

We challenge our clients and are prepared to push them outside their comfort zone.

We question long-held views of the future, status quo competitive strategies, and established priorities in an effort to make the changes necessary to enable our clients to outperform, make significant progress in shorter periods of time and establish a foundation for continued growth.

We believe joint accountability and team buy-in is required to make change stick, and aligning people under a clear direction, purpose, and cause are absolutely necessary in order to succeed.

We only recommend what we believe in and what is realistic, pragmatic and actionable.

We teach self-reliance.


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